Create New ISO


Create New ISO File

  • New ISO File

Create a New ISO Image.

Choose 'File'->'New' from main menu, and select the right ISO image type to create. You may also click to create a new ISO image.

  • Add files and folders

To add files and or folders to an ISO image.

Set destination ISO location in "Image Dir:" list, then press F3, or menu 'Actions'->'Add Directory', or select files and folders from the "Local Dir:" list, and click to add.

Or select files and folders in "Local Dir:" list and drag them to "Image Dir:" list or existing "ISO File" then drop.

  • Edit ISO Image content

To change the contents or location of files and folders within your ISO Image by popup menu, such as new folder creation, rename or delete an item.

You may also use the buttons above the ISO image file, click to create new folders; or select files/folders, then press 'Delete' key or click to delete the files/folders.  Rename files/folders by pressing F2 key or clicking the rename icon.

To move files/folders, simply select files, and Drag to the new destination folder then drop.

  • Save ISO File

Saving the ISO Image.

Choose 'File'->'Save' from main menu, or click to save current ISO file. If it's newly created one, you need to enter the ISO filename.

You may also choose 'File'->'Save As' from main menu, or click to save as a new or different ISO filename.

  • Exit

Choose 'File'->'Exit' from main menu, or click on "Main Window" to exit this program.



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