Create New Audio CD


Create New Audio CD Image

  • New CD image File

Choose 'File'->New'->'Audio CD image' from main menu, or click  yellow area behind "Image" to enter Audio CD mode and create a new CD image. The status will changed to .

  • Add Music file

Set destination ISO location in "ISO directory", then press F3, or select WAV/MP3/WMA files in "Disk File" list, and click to add.

Or select files in "Disk File" and drag them to "ISO Directory" or "ISO File" then drop.

Note: Audio file must be in CD-DA quality(2 channel/16 bits/ 44100hz). UltraISO will not accept other sample rate.

  • Edit CD Image content

Use buttons above "ISO File", select file , then press 'Delete' key or click to delete file, press F2 key or click to rename.

Select files, Drag to destination then drop, you can move file position.

Note: Do not change the file extension( .WAV).

  • Save image File

Choose 'File'->'Save As' from main menu, or click to save current image file, you need to enter the file name.

  • Exit

Choose 'File'->'Exit' from main menu, or click on "Main Window" to exit this program.



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