Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which operating system does UltraISO support?

      Answer: At present UltraISO can run on Windows 98/NT 4.0(SP6a)/2000 and 32bit or 64bit Windows XP/2003/Vista . The build-in burning feature (UltraBurn) requires at least Windows 98SE or Windows 2000.

  • What is the size limitation of the ISO Image that UltraISO can process? 

     Answer: 2TB(2000GB).

  • Can UltraISO make Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 bootable CDs?

     Answer: Yes. If you want to make multiple boot CD/DVDs with colorful graphical menu, you need to purchase EasyBoot add-on tool. Click here for more details.

  • Can UltraISO copy bootable CD to image file? 

     Answer: Yes. UltraISO copies CD to ISO image file with a sector by sector method, so it can retain all information of the compact disc, includes boot information. Therefore, the CD is still bootable when you make the CD image with UltraISO and burn it back to a CD-R.

  • Can UltraISO edit non-standard ISO image files?

    Answer: Yes. UltraISO can intelligently analysis any image format, at present all possible image formats can be edited by UltraISO, and be saved as a standard ISO format.

  • Can UltraISO edit multi-session ISO image file?

    Answer: Yes. UltraISO can intelligently analysis multi-session image file, and save it to standard ISO format.

  • Can UltraISO edit Audio CD image file?

    Answer: UltraISO can edit Audio CD image in many formats, it also support the amazing feature which let you set song's name and volume ID.  

  • How to purchase UltraISO?

    Answer: Please see how to order .


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