Make ISO file from CD-ROM Disc


Create ISO Image from CD/DVD Disc


        Choose 'Tools'->'Make CD/DVD image' from main menu, or press F8, or click, the "Make CD/DVD Image" dialog will pop-up:



       Select your CD/DVD-ROM drive that holds the compact disc, and enter  the name of ISO file.  Now you can click the 'Make' button to begin making an ISO file.

A progress widow will pop-up to indicate percent done, time used and estimated time.  You can click the "Stop" button to cancel the action.


1) UltraISO can output many formats, you can select ISO, ISZ, BIN(BIN/CUE), Nero(NRG) or CloneCD (IMG/CCD/SUB) format.

2) If 'Skip Bad Sector' is checked, UltraISO will fill with blank data for bad sectors; otherwise, it will stop making CD/DVD image when a read error encountered.

3) If 'Enable ISO Filter' is checked, UltraISO will use logical ISO volume information instead of physical track information reported by CD/DVD drive. Generally, padding block added by your burning software will be removed this way. This option works with data CD/DVD only.



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