Verify ISO and CD/DVD disc


Verify CD/DVD just Burned


       When 'Generate MD5 Checksums on Save" option is checked, UltraISO will create a .MD5 file before saving an ISO image. You can verify the burned CD/DVD disc later by "Tools->Verify  CD/DVD Checksums":



       Put burned CD/DVD to a drive, browse for the MD5 checksum file, then click  'Verify' button to begin. UltraISO will calculate MD5 signature of files on the disc and compare them with pre-generated ones stored in .MD5 file.

        MD5 code is the same (OK) 

        MD5 code is different (Error)

        File not found on the CD/DVD


1) Open an ISO image and Choose 'File'->'Verify Checksums' from main menu can verify an ISO image.

2) Choose 'File'->'Create Checksums' can create checksums of files in 'Image' area

3) Choose  "Tools->Create  CD/DVD Checksums" can generate a .MD5 file from a CD/DVD disc  


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