Edit Audio CD file


Edit an Existing Audio CD Image

  • Open CD Image File

Choose 'File'->'Open' from main menu, or click , the "Open ISO File" dialog will pop-up, select audio CD image file and click "Open" button.

Or set disk path in "Local Directory", then double click on filename in "Disk File".

  • Extract from CD image

Each music/song in CD image is displayed  as *.wav file entry. Set destination disk location in "Local directory", then select files and folders  in "ISO File" list, and press F4 or click to extract.

Or select files and folders in "ISO File" list and drag them to "Local Directory" or "Local File" then drop.

Note: Files extracted from CD image is saved in standard .WAV format. You can play it by double click.

  • Add Music File

Set destination ISO location in "ISO directory", then press F3, or select .WAV/MP3/WMA files in "Disk File" list, and click to add.

Or select files in "Disk File" and drag them to "ISO Directory" or "ISO File" then drop.

Note: Audio file must be in CD-DA quality(2 channel/16 bits/ 44100hz). UltraISO will not accept other sample rate.

  • Edit CD Image content

Use buttons above "ISO File", select file , then press 'Delete' key or click to delete file, press F2 key or click to rename.

Select files, Drag to destination then drop, you can move file position.

Note: Do not change the file extension( .WAV).

  • Save CD image File

Choose 'File'->'Save As' from main menu, or click to save as a new CD image file.

  • Exit

Choose 'File'->'Exit' from main menu, or click on "Main Window" to exit this program.


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