Input Devices


Input Devices

There are many ways to operate an Oska keyboard. Some of these involve changing how the keyboard operates - see Oska Settings Editor for detailed descriptions. This covers using the mouse, the keyboard, and conventional switches.

However, Oska also includes many special and unique input devices, some using hardware and some software. These can be combined with an Oska keyboard, or used without an on-screen keyboard, or even with a different on-screen keyboard from Grid 2 or Clicker or Microsoft. They are still powerful new ways to operate the mouse or keyboard.

Additional Programs

You may want to use two types of additional program with any of the Oska Input Devices:

This is a program that makes the mouse pointer automatically click when it stops moving for a short period. This is useful if you cannot operate a mouse button, but can move the mouse pointer. Simple ones let you do left/right/double-click, more advanced ones allow for greater configuration.
Keyboard remappers
These take input characters and remap them to other characters. This is useful if you have the input from an Input Device, like 0 or 1, and want to change this to work with a particular program that works with 1 and 2 as inputs.