NI Vision Acquisition Express VI

Bayer Tab

The Bayer tab allows you to configure Bayer decoding settings. If your camera outputs a Bayer image, you can use this tab to specify the Bayer settings so the resulting image returned is a color image. The Bayer tab is only available for monochrome digital area scan cameras.

Complete the following steps to perform Bayer decoding on an acquired image:

  1. Select the Perform Bayer Decoding check box. If it is checked, the following settings will be used to convert the Bayer image acquired to a color image.
  2. Use the radio buttons to select the correct Pattern for your image. The four possible variations of the Bayer encoding pattern are available.
  3. To select appropriate Red, Green, and Blue gains, acquire an image of a white background, draw a rectangle around the area that is most white, and then click Auto Balance.
  4. Repeat Steps 2-3 until the image appears correctly.

Refer to the following sections for more information about various aspects of Bayer cameras:

Bayer Encoding

Bayer Pattern

White Level