Measurement Studio User Interface


CWSlide is the top-level object for the Slide control.


ActivePointerSpecifies the CWPointer object of the active pointer.
AxisReturns the CWAxis object for this control.
BackColorSpecifies the background color of the control.
BackgroundImageSpecifies an image to be used for the background of the control.
CaptionSpecifies the text that appears in the control.
CaptionColorSpecifies the color of the caption.
CWBindingsReturns a collection of CWBinding objects.
EnabledSpecifies if the control responds to user input.
FontSpecifies the font for the caption and axis labels.
ForeColorSpecifies the foreground color in the CWSlide or CWKnob control.
ImmediateUpdatesSpecifies if the control draws new data as soon as it is available or if the form refreshes the control when it draws other controls.
IncDecValueSpecifies the amount that the control is changed when the user clicks the increment or decrement buttons, or uses the keyboard to increment or decrement the control.
InteriorColorSpecifies the color used to paint the interior of several types of slide control styles.
KeyboardModeSpecifies how the control handles keyboard input from the user.
PointersReturns a collection of Pointer objects.
ReadyStateReturns the ready state.
ScaleStyleValuePairsOnlySpecifies if only the value pairs are displayed on the axis.
ShowFocusModeSpecifies how the control indicates that it has the focus.
StatisticsReturns the Statistics object for this control.
ValueSpecifies the value of the active pointer.
ValuePairIndexSpecifies the index of the value pair selected by the active pointer.
WindowlessSpecifies if the control has a window.


AboutBoxDisplays the About Box for the control.
ControlImageReturns an image of the entire control.
ExportStyleExports the style of the Measurement Studio control to a file.
ImagesProvides access to the CWImage objects in the CWKnob or CWSlide control.
ImportStyleImports a previously exported style.
RefreshRedraws the CWSlide control.
SetBuiltinStyleSets many properties of the control to represent the new style specified.


ClickGenerates when you click the mouse on the control.
CWBindingDataUpdatedGenerated when the binding data is updated.
CWBindingStatusUpdatedGenerated when the status of the binding connection changes.
DblClickGenerates when you double-click the mouse on the control.
KeyDown, KeyUpKeyUp generates when you release a key while the control has the input focus.

KeyDown generates when you press a key while the control has the input focus.
KeyPressGenerated when the control has focus and you press a key.
MouseDown, MouseMove, MouseUpMouseDown generates when you click the mouse on the control.

MouseMove generates when you move the mouse over the control.

MouseUp generates when you release the mouse on the control.
PointerValueChangedGenerated as the value of a pointer changes from the user interface or the program.
PointerValueCommittedGenerated when the value of a pointer has stopped changing.
ReadyStateChangeGenerated when the ready state changes.