Measurement Studio User Interface


The CWAnnotation object displays text, a shape, and/or an arrow on a CWGraph to mark a specific point or region on the graph or highlight something programmatically. CWAnnotation properties define the position and appearance of the annotation. The annotation position corresponds either to the coordinate space of the associated plot or to the screen coordinates of the CWGraph control.

To interact with the annotations while the program is running, set the TrackMode property to cwGTrackDragAnnotation.


ArrowReturns a CWArrow object, which specifies the arrow part of the annotation.
CaptionReturns a CWCaption object, which specifies the text part of the annotation.
CoordinateTypeSpecifies how the text and shape coordinates are scaled when the annotation is drawn.
EnabledSpecifies if the CWAnnotation generates mouse events or if you can drag the annotation.
NameSpecifies the name of the annotation.
PlotSpecifies the plot that the annotation is associated with.
PointIndexSpecifies the index of a plot point to center the shape around.
ShapeReturns a CWShape object, which specifies the shape part of the annotation.
SnapModeSpecifies if the annotation's shape is centered around the plot point defined by the Plot and PointIndex properties and how the shape is dragged by the mouse.
VisibleSpecifies if an annotation is visible.


SetBuiltinStyleSets many properties of the annotation to represent the new style specified.

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