Measurement Studio User Interface


The CWAxis object defines the axis for slide, knob, and graph controls. The CWAxis properties determine how data values are scaled to the range displayed on the control, where ticks and grid lines are drawn (if used), and what kinds of labels are placed on the axis.

While some properties are valuable features in a particular control, such as grid lines on the graph, those properties might not be useful or valid for other controls.


AutoScaleDetermines if the minimum and maximum limits of the axis are automatically set.
CaptionSpecifies the text to draw on the axis.
CaptionColorSpecifies the color used to draw the caption.
DiscreteRepresents only discrete values on the axis, according to the base and interval properties.
DiscreteBaseSpecifies the base value for discrete axes.
DiscreteIntervalSpecifies the interval between discrete values.
FormatStringSpecifies the format string for formatting the labels on the axis.
InvertedSpecifies if the direction of an axis is inverted.
LabelsReturns a CWLabel object, which specifies how labels appear on the axis.
LogSpecifies if the axis has a Log10 scale.
MaximumSpecifies the maximum value of the axis.
MinimumSpecifies the minimum value of the axis.
NameSpecifies the name of the axis.
ScaleStyleValuePairsOnlySpecifies if only the value pairs are displayed on the axis.
TicksReturns a CWTicks object, which specifies how divisions and ticks appear on this axis.
ValuePairsReturns a CWValuePairs collection of CWValuePair objects, which specify labels for particular points on the axis.
VisibleSpecifies if the axis is visible or hidden.


AutoScaleNowCauses the axis to rescale immediately.
SetMinMaxSets both the minimum and the maximum values of the axis at the same time.

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