Measurement Studio User Interface


The CWValuePairs object is a collection of CWValuePair objects for an axis. A value pair marks specific points on an axis with a custom label.


CountReturns the number of objects in the collection.
GridLinesSpecifies if grid lines appear at value pair locations.
LabelTypeSpecifies the type of labels to draw for the value pairs.
LocationSpecifies if CWValuePairs are placed on the axis by their value or by their index.
MajorTicksSpecifies if major ticks are placed at the location of value pairs.


AddAdds an object to the collection and returns the new object.
ItemReturns the specified object from the collection.
RemoveRemoves the specified item from the collection.
RemoveAllRemoves all objects from the collection.
SwapSwaps two CWValuePair elements, altering their indices.

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