Measurement Studio User Interface


The CWImage object determines how images are displayed within a control.


AnimateColumnsSpecifies the number of columns in a bitmap that is being used for animation.
AnimateIntervalSpecifies how often an image animates.
AnimateRowsSpecifies the number of rows in a bitmap that is being used for animation.
BlinkIntervalSpecifies how often the image blinks.
ColorSpecifies the color of the image, or, if you are doing dynamic color substitution in Windows metafiles, the color in the image that you want to replace.
FlipHFlips an image horizontally.
FlipVFlips an image vertically.
PictureSpecifies the image used in the CWImage object.
ReverseAnimationSpecifies the direction of animation.
SaveLinkSpecifies if the CWImage object saves the image itself or a link to the image.
StretchSpecifies if the image is displayed normal size or stretched to fit the size available within the control.
SubstituteSpecifies that you want to perform dynamic color substitution in the metafile image if set to True.
SubstituteColorSpecifies the color that will replace a specified color in the metafile image.
TileSpecifies if the image is tiled.
ToleranceSpecifies the percentage for matching color hues on the image to the SubstituteColor property.
TransparentSpecifies if the image has a transparent color.
TransparentColorSpecifies the color in the image that must be drawn as transparent.
URLSpecifies the path to the image.
VisibleSpecifies if the image is visible or not.


ReloadLoads the image from the given URL.