Measurement Studio User Interface


The CWShape object defines the shape part of the CWAnnotation object. CWShape properties define the type, position, and appearance of the shape. You can use shapes to mark regions of the plot area or graph. You also can use the CWShape object to add images or any type of shape anywhere on the graph.


ColorSpecifies the color of the shape.
FillVisibleSpecifies if the shape is filled with the value specified by the CWShape.Color property.
ImageSpecifies the image of the shape.
LineColorSpecifies the line color of the shape.
LineStyleSpecifies the line style of the shape.
LineWidthSpecifies the line width of the shape.
PointStyleSpecifies the point style of the shape.
RegionAreaSpecifies the region area of the shape.
TypeSpecifies the type of shape.
XCoordinates, YCoordinatesSpecifies the X and Y coordinates of the shape.


SetCoordinatesSets the X and Y coordinates of the shape.

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