Color Image Representation


Color Image Representation

Specifies the type of image data that will be returned when a color image is acquired.


Values are RGB32, Red8, Green8, Blue8, Lum8, Hue8, Sat8, Int8, Lum16, Hue16, Sat16, Int16, RGB48, RGB24, RGB16, HSL32, and HSI32. Refer to Color Image Representation for descriptions of these Image Representations.


The following table shows when the property is readable and writable and what devices it applies to.

Datatype Readable Writable Device
Always Configuration
  • NI PCI-1405
  • NI PCI/PXI-1407
  • NI PCI/PXI-1409
  • NI PCI-1410
  • NI PCI/PXI-1411
  • NI PCI/PXI-1422
  • NI PCI-1424
  • NI PCI-1426
  • NI PCIe-1427
  • NI PCI/PXI-1428
  • NI PCIe-1429
  • NI PCIe-1430