NI IMAQ Function



rval imgSessionSetUserLUT16bit(SESSION_ID sid, uInt32 lutType, uInt16* lut);


Downloads a custom 16-bit lookup table (LUT) to the image acquisition device. Call this function at least once with the default constant (IMG_LUT_TYPE_DEFAULT) to initialize all LUTs, or make successive calls using different constants for each LUT. You also can override the default LUT on a per-tap basis. This function works with analog and digital cameras featuring 10-, 12-, 14-, or 16-bit pixel depths.

Note  User LUTs are not supported on the NI 1405, NI 1426, NI 1427, NI 1429, or the NI 1430.


Name Type Direction
sid SESSION_ID input
lutType uInt32 input
lut uInt16* input
rval Int32 output

Parameter Discussion

sid: valid SESSION_ID.

lutType: type of LUT to be written. The following are valid values for this parameter:

IMG_LUT_TYPE_DEFAULTDefault LUT used to initialize all LUTs.
IMG_LUT_TYPE_TAP0Tap 0 LUT for digital devices.
IMG_LUT_TYPE_TAP1Tap 1 LUT for digital devices.

lut: array that contains the LUT to be downloaded to the image acquisition device. This array must contain 2n elements where n is the bit depth of the camera (1,024 for 10-bit cameras, 2,048 for 12-bit cameras, and so on).

Return Value

This function returns 0 on success. On failure, this function returns an error code. For information about the error code, call imgShowError.