NI IMAQ Function



rval imgPlot2(void* hwnd, void* buffer, uInt32 leftBufOffset, uInt32 topBufOffset, uInt32 xsize, uInt32 ysize, uInt32 xpos, uInt32 ypos, uInt32 flags);


Plots a buffer to a window given a native Windows handle. Use this function to display a buffer after it is acquired.


Name Type Direction
hwnd void* input
buffer void* input
leftBufOffset uInt32 input
topBufOffset uInt32 input
xsize uInt32 input
ysize uInt32 input
xpos uInt32 input
ypos uInt32 input
flags uInt32 input
rval Int32 output

Parameter Discussion

hwnd: native Windows handle designating the window in which to plot.

buffer: image to plot.

leftBufOffset: left offset into the image to start plotting.

topBufOffset: top offset into the image to start plotting.

xsize: width of the image, in pixels.

ysize: number of lines in the image.

xpos: left position to start plotting in the window.

ypos: top position to start plotting in the window.

flags: sets the display property. flags is used with the following constants:

IMGPLOT_COLOR_RGB32Specifies a 32-bit color RGB image.
IMGPLOT_COLOR_HSL32Specifies a 32-bit color HSL image.
IMGPLOT_INVERTSpecifies to invert the image when plotted.
IMGPLOT_MONO_8Specifies an 8-bit monochrome image.
IMGPLOT_MONO_10Specifies a 10-bit monochrome image.
IMGPLOT_MONO_12Specifies a 12-bit monochrome image.
IMGPLOT_MONO_14Specifies a 14-bit monochrome image.
IMGPLOT_MONO_16Specifies a 16-bit monochrome image.

Return Value

This function returns 0 on success. On failure, this function returns an error code. For information about the error code, call imgShowError.