NI IMAQ Function


Specifies the type of image data returned when a color image is acquired.


The following list includes possible constant values:

  • IMG_COLOR_REP_BLUE8—Specifies 8-bit Blue color output.
  • IMG_COLOR_REP_GREEN8—Specifies 8-bit Green color output.
  • IMG_COLOR_REP_HSI32—Specifies a color image encoded in 32 bits—8 bits unused and 8 bits each for the Hue, Saturation, and Intensity planes.
  • IMG_COLOR_REP_HSL32—Specifies a color image encoded in 32 bits—8 bits unused and 8 bits each for the Hue, Saturation, and Luminance planes.
  • IMG_COLOR_REP_HUE16—Specifies 16-bit Hue color output.
  • IMG_COLOR_REP_HUE8—Specifies 8-bit Hue color output.
  • IMG_COLOR_REP_INT16—Specifies 16-bit Intensity color output
  • IMG_COLOR_REP_INT8—Specifies 8-bit Intensity color output.
  • IMG_COLOR_REP_LUM16—Specifies 16-bit Luminance color output.
  • IMG_COLOR_REP_LUM8—Specifies 8-bit Luminance color output.
  • IMG_COLOR_REP_RED8—Specifies 8-bit Red color output.
  • IMG_COLOR_REP_RGB16—Specifies 16-bit RGB color output.
  • IMG_COLOR_REP_RGB24—Specifies 24-bit RGB color output (default).
  • IMG_COLOR_REP_RGB32—Specifies 32-bit RGB color output.
  • IMG_COLOR_REP_RGB48—Specifies 48-bit RGB color output
  • IMG_COLOR_REP_SAT16—Specifies 16-bit Saturation color output.
  • IMG_COLOR_REP_SAT8—Specifies 8-bit Saturation color output.


The following table shows when the property is readable and writable and what devices it applies to.

Datatype Readable Writable Device
uInt32 Always Configuration
  • NI PCI-1405
  • NI PCI/PXI-1407
  • NI PCI/PXI-1409
  • NI PCI-1410
  • NI PCI/PXI-1411
  • NI PCI/PXI-1422
  • NI PCI-1424
  • NI PCI-1426
  • NI PCIe-1427
  • NI PCI/PXI-1428
  • NI PCIe-1429
  • NI PCIe-1430