NI IMAQ Function


Gets/sets the field acquired when IMG_ATTR_FRAME_FIELD is set to FIELD_MODE. When you are using FRAME_MODE, this attribute is the first field that is acquired in time.


The following list includes possible constant values:

  • IMG_ACQUIRE_ALL—Acquires all fields.
  • IMG_ACQUIRE_EVEN—Acquires only even fields.
  • IMG_ACQUIRE_ODD—Acquires only odd fields.
  • IMG_ACQUIRE_ALTERNATING—Acquires all fields and uses IMG_ATTR_START_FIELD to determine the first field to acquire.


The following table shows when the property is readable and writable and what devices it applies to.

Datatype Readable Writable Device
uInt32 Always Configuration
  • NI PCI-1405
  • NI PCI/PXI-1407
  • NI PCI/PXI-1409
  • NI PCI-1410
  • NI PCI/PXI-1411
  • NI PCI/PXI-1422
  • NI PCI-1424
  • NI PCI-1426
  • NI PCIe-1427
  • NI PCI/PXI-1428
  • NI PCIe-1429
  • NI PCIe-1430