NI IMAQ Function



rval imgDisposeBufList(BUFLIST_ID bid, uInt32 freeResources);


Disposes either a buffer created by imgCreateBufList() and the buffer list, or disposes only the buffer list.


Name Type Direction
bid BUFLIST_ID input
freeResources uInt32 input
rval Int32 output

Parameter Discussion

bid: valid BUFLIST_ID

freeResources: value that determines whether both the buffers and the buffer list or only the buffer list will be disposed. If freeResources is non-zero, the function disposes all of the driver-allocated buffers assigned to this list in addition to the buffer list. If freeResources is zero, the function disposes only the buffer list.

Return Value

This function returns 0 on success. On failure, this function returns an error code. For information about the error code, call imgShowError.