NI IMAQ Function



rval imgRingSetup(SESSION_ID sid, uInt32 numberOfBuffers, void* bufferList[ ], uInt32 skipCount, uInt32 startNow);


Prepares a session for acquiring continuously and looping into a buffer list.


Name Type Direction
sid SESSION_ID input
numberOfBuffers uInt32 input
bufferList void*[ ] input/output
skipCount uInt32 input
startNow uInt32 input
rval Int32 output

Parameter Discussion

sid: valid SESSION_ID

numberOfBuffers: number of buffers in the buffer list.

bufferList[ ]: array of buffer pointers. For each element in the buffer list that is initialized to NULL, bufferList[ ] allocates a buffer and returns this buffer address in the array element. This function acquires into the buffer for each element that is not NULL.

skipCount: number of images to skip before acquiring each buffer. This number is the same for all acquisitions.

Note  skipCount is not supported for line scan acquisitions. Refer to imgSessionLineTrigSource2 for information about triggering line scan skip triggers.
Note  skipCount is not supported on the NI 1427, NI 1429, or NI 1430.

startNow: non-zero value specifies that the continuous acquisition should start immediately. If the value is zero, you must manually start the acquisition with imgSessionStartAcquisition.

Return Value

This function returns 0 on success. On failure, this function returns an error code. For information about the error code, call imgShowError.