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Movie Sets
What are Movie Sets

Support for movie sets has been added to XBMC recently and adds another useful feature. Simply put, movie sets is a way to group a number of movies together as a collection.

Check out this link to the XBMC manual for more details.

How to add movie sets using Media Companion

Movie sets can be added within Media Companion using the 'Movie Sets' Tab.

Add as many sets as you like, the above image has had a number of sets added.

Adding movies to a set

There are a number of ways that movies can be added to a set, the most basic of which is achieved from the Main Browser.

Select the movie or movies you wish to add or edit the set for and select the set from the drop down list.

Click the save button to save the changes.

Using the graphic button will list all the movies that are part of the selected set.

Sets can also be edited (perhaps more easily) within the table view which is explained here