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The Poster Browser
To access the Poster browser for the selected movie then just select the 'Posters' Tab. You will notice that unlike the fanart browser, it is not automatically populated.
In order to populate the posters you need to select a source from one of the four options.
The four sources are:
1.   The Movie Database
2.   Internet Movie Poster Awards
3.   Movie Poster Database
4.   Internet Movie Database

All these sources have there place, although the order I have listed them above is often the order I will use to find a poster. With The Movie Database and Internet Movie Poster Awards having the highest quality images, but Internet Movie Database and Movie Poster Database having a great many more.
Select the button corresponding to the source you wish to view corresponding posters for and previews of the available posters will be downloaded into the right hand panel.

The poster browser works much the same as the fanart browser. Sometimes a movie will have no available poster in any of the sources, in this instance you can use the 'URL or Browse' button to select an image you already have stored, or enter an URL to be downloaded.

The crop controls can be used to adjust the aspect of the image, or maybe remove unwanted borders.