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The Table View.
The table view is one of the newest features of Media Companion. It's primary purpose was to create a simple method of editing multiple movies at the same time.


The check boxes across the top of the tab allow you to select which columns are displayed, unchecked items are hidden.

The columns can be resized or moved using the header bar, and the layout of the table will be saved between sessions.

The 'IMDB ID', 'Full path', and 'Missing Artwork' fields are for information only and cannot be edited.

Editing a single movie using the table view.

Editing movies individually is simple. Just select the field you wish to edit and change it to whatever you wish.
The watched status is boolean, checking a box indicates a watched status, unchecked indicates unwatched.
Sets can only be added from pre configured sets, and can be selected using the drop down box. For more information about 'Sets' see this page.

Any number of movies can be edited using the table view, once you have finished then select the 'Save Changes' button.

Editing multiple movies using the table view.

One of the biggest advantages of the table view is that you can edit multiple movies at the same time.
To do this, select multiple movies using the mouse and holding the left mouse button, drag the mouse down the movies you wish to select.

Movies that are not together can be selected by holding down the 'CTRL' key on your keyboard then left mouse clicking the movie you wish to select.

Selected movies will be highlighted blue - as the above image shows.

When more than one movie is selected, a set of controls are added below the table view.

These controls correspond to the column they are located below. Any edits within these controls will be applied to all selected movies. The two drop down boxes allow you to change the watched status of the selected movies, or the 'Set' a movie belongs to.

If you do not wish to edit a particular field, then just leave that item blank, or for the drop down boxes, leave them set to 'UnChanged'

Once you have edited the fields that you wish to apply to all the selected movies then select the button 'Copy edits to Selected Rows'. The changes will be applied to each movie.

Once you have finished, then select the 'Save Changes' button.