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The Drop Down Movie Menu
Search For New Movies
Searches movies without metadata within your movie folders.

Batch Rescraper Wizard
Opens the batch rescraper wizard. See here for more information about the batch rescraper wizard.

Rebuild Movies
This option clears and rebuilds the media companion database. If you have moved files, or edited the nfo file outside of Media Companion, then this option will bring everything up to date.

Reload Movie Cache
Clears the current data and reloads it from the cache file.

Rebuild Actor DB
Clears the actor database and rebuilds it from the movie nfo files.

List Movies Without Fanart
Will search from movies missing fanart - obsolete item, has been replaced with the much quicker 'missing fanart' filter.

List Movies WIthout a Poster
Will search from movies missing poster - obsolete item, has been replaced with the much quicker 'missing poster' filter.

Output Movie List as HTML
This menu item contains a submenu of available HTML templates, see here for further information on HTML output.

Rebuild Movie nfo files
This option will rebuild all movie.nfo files. Useful if a standard changes and all nfo files need to be updated to reflect this.

Downsize all fanarts to selected size.
OK - so you have added all your movies, customized your posters and fanart, and have found that the system you are using is a little sluggish. This option lets you resize all your fanart to a smaller resolution as set in the movie preferences.