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The Wall
The wall is a graphical view that will display a mini poster of movies currently listed within the main browser.

As you can see from the image, the wall view provides a graphical list of the movies listed within the 'Main browser'. Filters are applied. Holding the mouse pointer over an image will display a little bit of information about the movie.

One of the advantages of the wall, is that it allows to immediately see bad posters. In the above image, as you can see, the posters for 'Saturday Night Fever' and '48 Hours' have white borders which will be shown when using XBMC. Media Companion lets you easily crop these in the Posters Tab.

The wall also provides a context menu, right clicking on a poster brings up this menu:
The options are fairly self explanatory.

Play Movie - Launches the movie according to your preference.
Change Movie Poster - Takes you to the poster browser tab.
Large Image View - Displays a large view of the image.
Open Folder - Opens the folder containing the movie.

Double clicking a poster will take you back to the main browser with that movie selected.