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Offline Movies
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Offline Movies
Offline movies is a method that allows you to add movies to your collection that are not stored on your system. Offline movies may be those you have that are on DVD or Blu-Ray disk.

So what does it do?

Offline movies will download the same information about the offline movie as it would for online movies, including a poster and backdrop. It will also create a 16 second video clip from the backdrop that asks you to insert the appropriate disk.

Data for offline movies can be edited in exactly the same way as for local movies.

Movies that have been added in this way can be listed using the 'Offline Movies' filter.

How does it work.

The following steps are needed to create offline movies.

1.   Create a folder somewhere that will contain all your offline movies, eg 'H:\Offline_Movies\'
2.   Add this folder to the Offline Movie folders within the folders tab, and save the changes.

3.   Open this folder using your desktop and create a sperate folder for each offline movie in your

H:\Offline Movies\Die Hard (1988)\
H:\Offline Movies\Die Hard 2: Die Harder (1990)\
H:\Offline Movies\Die Hard: With a Vengeance (1995)\
H:\Offline Movies\Live Free or Die Hard (2007)\

The date is not needed, but it helps Media Companion identify the correct movie.

Anytime you select the 'Search for new movies' tab, Media Companion will also check your offline folder for new movie folders, if it finds one it will create the appropriate files within that folder.