Handling wrong movie scrapes

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Handling wrong movie scrapes
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Handling Media Companion Mis-Scrapes.
A mis-scrape occurs when Media Companion incorrectly scrapes the wrong movie. Hopefully this will not happen very often, following the best practice guide will hopefully help.

Even using the best practices, unless the IMDB ID for each movie is specified, Media Companion will occasionally get it wrong. In these instances, a quick and easy to use method has been added to get the correct movie.

For this purpose is the 'Change Movie' tab.

This tab simply takes you to the IMDB search page within the Media Companion browser. It should be a simple matter to locate the correct movie within IMDB.

Once the correct movie page is displayed simply click the 'Go' button and the correct movie will be scraped.

By default the poster and fanart will also be scraped, but this can be overridden by un-checking the control located at the bottom right of the screen.