Sets the value of a config option.

BOOL BASS_SetConfig(
    DWORD option,
    DWORD value


optionThe option to set the value of... one of the following.
BASS_CONFIG_3DALGORITHMThe 3D algorithm for software mixed 3D channels.
BASS_CONFIG_AIRPLAYEnabled Airplay receivers.
BASS_CONFIG_ASYNCFILE_BUFFERAsynchronous file reading buffer length.
BASS_CONFIG_BUFFERPlayback buffer length.
BASS_CONFIG_CURVE_PANPanning translation curve.
BASS_CONFIG_CURVE_VOLVolume translation curve.
BASS_CONFIG_DEV_BUFFEROutput device buffer length.
BASS_CONFIG_DEV_DEFAULTInclude a "Default" entry in the output device list?
BASS_CONFIG_DEV_NONSTOPDo not stop the output device when nothing is playing?
BASS_CONFIG_FLOATDSPPass 32-bit floating-point sample data to all DSP functions?
BASS_CONFIG_GVOL_MUSICGlobal MOD music volume.
BASS_CONFIG_GVOL_SAMPLEGlobal sample volume.
BASS_CONFIG_GVOL_STREAMGlobal stream volume.
BASS_CONFIG_MF_VIDEOPlay the audio from videos using Media Foundation?
BASS_CONFIG_NET_BUFFERInternet download buffer length.
BASS_CONFIG_NET_PASSIVEUse passive mode in FTP connections?
BASS_CONFIG_NET_PLAYLISTProcess URLs in playlists?
BASS_CONFIG_NET_PREBUFAmount to pre-buffer when opening internet streams.
BASS_CONFIG_NET_READTIMEOUTTime to wait for a server to deliver more data.
BASS_CONFIG_NET_TIMEOUTTime to wait for a server to respond to a connection request.
BASS_CONFIG_OGG_PRESCANPre-scan chained OGG files?
BASS_CONFIG_PAUSE_NOPLAYPrevent channels being played when the output is paused?
BASS_CONFIG_REC_BUFFERRecording buffer length.
BASS_CONFIG_SRCDefault sample rate conversion quality.
BASS_CONFIG_SRC_SAMPLEDefault sample rate conversion quality for samples.
BASS_CONFIG_UNICODEUnicode device information?
BASS_CONFIG_UPDATEPERIODUpdate period of playback buffers.
BASS_CONFIG_UPDATETHREADSNumber of update threads.
BASS_CONFIG_VERIFYFile format verification length.
BASS_CONFIG_VERIFY_NETFile format verification length for internet streams.
BASS_CONFIG_VISTA_SPEAKERSEnable speaker assignment with panning/balance control on Windows Vista and newer?
BASS_CONFIG_VISTA_TRUEPOSEnable true play position mode on Windows Vista and newer?
other config options may be supported by add-ons, see the documentation.
valueThe new option setting. See the option's documentation for details on the possible values.

Return value

If successful, TRUE is returned, else FALSE is returned. Use BASS_ErrorGetCode to get the error code.

Error codes

BASS_ERROR_ILLPARAMoption is invalid.


Some config options have a restricted range of values, so the config's actual value may not be the same as requested if it was out of range. BASS_GetConfig can be used to confirm what the value is.

Config options can be used at any time and are independent of initialization, ie. BASS_Init does not need to have been called beforehand.

Where a config option is shown to have a "BOOL" value, 0 (zero) is taken to be "FALSE" and anything else is taken to be "TRUE".

See also

BASS_GetConfig, BASS_SetConfigPtr