ExchangeType Property

Replication Programming

Replication Programming

ExchangeType Property

The ExchangeType property specifies whether data merges up to the Publisher, down to the Subscriber, or in both directions.

Applies To

SQLMerge Object


object.ExchangeType [= value]

Part Description
object Expression that evaluates to a SQLMerge object.
value EXCHANGE_TYPE constant that specifies the direction in which data can be merged.

The ExchangeType property is typically used first to upload all the changes from several Subscribers to a Publisher, and then to download the changes to the Subscribers only after all the uploads have been completed.

BIDIRECTIONAL is the default. You should use a BIDIRECTIONAL synchronization unless you have a specific reason for separating the UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD phases.

Data Type




Prototype C/C++

HRESULT get_ExchangeType(EXCHANGE_TYPE *pVal);

HRESULT put_ExchangeType(EXCHANGE_TYPE newVal);