SQLDistribution Object

Replication Programming

Replication Programming

SQLDistribution Object

The SQL Distribution control is implemented as a Microsoft® ActiveX® in-process component. The SQL Distribution control provides an alternate way, in addition to the Distribution Agent, to control synchronization of transactional replication subscriptions. Its primary class, the SQLDistribution object, provides the functionality of the Distribution Agent and supports synchronization of push, pull, or anonymous subscriptions to a transactional publication. The SQLDistribution object also includes options to:

  • Add or drop subscriptions and register them for synchronization using Windows Synchronization Manager.

  • Specify an alternate snapshot folder, from which the initial snapshot for a subscription can be applied.

  • Specify a working directory to which snapshot files are copied using FTP.

  • Generate a specially formatted subscription file in a specified location. These files can then be attached to create a synchronized subscription registered at the Publisher, as part of the attach-and-go functionality.

  • Specify a Data Transformation Services (DTS) package that transforms command rowsets before applying them to a Subscriber.

  • Set the Subscriber update mode to use immediate or queued updating for changes made at the Subscriber.

AltSnapshotFolder Property

Distributor Property

DistributorAddress Property

DistributorLogin Property

DistributorNetwork Property

DistributorPassword Property

DistributorSecurityMode Property

DTSPackageFileName Property

DTSPackagePassword Property

ErrorRecords Property

FileTransferType Property

FTPAddress Property

FTPLogin Property

FTPPassword Property

FTPPort Property

LoginTimeout Property

MaxDeliveredTransactions Property

ProfileName Property

Publication Property

Publisher Property

PublisherAddress Property

PublisherDatabase Property

PublisherLogin Property

PublisherNetwork Property

PublisherPassword Property

PublisherSecurityMode Property

QueryTimeout Property

SkipErrors Property

Subscriber Property

SubscriberDatabase Property

SubscriberDatabasePath Property

SubscriberDatasourceType Property

SubscriberLogin Property

SubscriberPassword Property

SubscriberSecurityMode Property

SubscriptionName Property

SubscriptionType Property

SynchronizationType Property

UndeliveredCommands Property

UndeliveredTransactions Property

WorkingDirectory Property


AddSubscription Method

CopySubscription Method

DropSubscription Method

Initialize Method

ReinitializeSubscription Method

Run Method

SetFailoverMode Method

Terminate Method


Status Event


To refer to the elements of this object from a Microsoft Visual Basic® application, in the Project/References dialog box, select Microsoft SQL Distribution Control 8.0. In a C++ application, include Repldstx.c and Sqldistx.h, and reference Sqldistx.dll from the project/NMAKE file.

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