DistributorAddress Property

Replication Programming

Replication Programming

DistributorAddress Property

The DistributorAddress property specifies the network address used for connecting to the Distributor when the DistributorNetwork property is specified.

Applies To

SQLDistribution Object

SQLMerge Object


object.DistributorAddress [= value]

Part Description
object Expression that evaluates to an object in the Applies To list.
value Network address used when connecting to the Distributor.

This is a required property only when DistributorNetwork is set to a value other than DEFAULT_NETWORK.

This property is useful when configuring the control to connect to the Distributor without having to use SQL Server Client Network Utility.

For example, if the Distributor is accessed over the Internet, DistributorNetwork can be set to TCPIP_SOCKETS and DistributorAddress can be set to a specific IP address.

If the DistributorNetwork is TCP/IP_SOCKETS or MULTI_PROTOCOL using TCP/IP, the value is in the form of:

'IP address,socket' (i.e. ',1433")

If the Distributor connection properties are not specified, it is assumed that the Publisher and Distributor are the same instance of Microsoft® SQL Server™ and the Publisher connection properties will be used when connecting to the Distributor.

Data Type




Prototype C/C++

HRESULT get_DistributorAddress(BSTR *pVal);

HRESULT put_DistributorAddress(BSTR newVal);

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