Status Event

Replication Programming

Replication Programming

Status Event

The Status event returns information about significant occurrences in the operation of a replication Microsoft® ActiveX® control.

Applies To

SQLDistribution Object

SQLMerge Object

SQLSnapshot Object

Prototype (Visual Basic)

Function Objectvar_Status( _
    ByVal Message As String,  _
    ByVal Percent As Long) _

Part Description
Objectvar Expression that evaluates to an object in the Applies To list.
Message Description of the significant occurrence.
Percent Percentage of the operation completed successfully, from 0 through 100.


To receive the Status event, a Microsoft Visual Basic® program must declare Objectvar WithEvents of the appropriate type.

STATUS_RETURN_CODE is an enumeration that specifies the values that can be returned from the Status callback function (event).

Prototype (C/C++)

    BSTR Message,
    Long Percent,
    STATUS_RETURN_CODE *pReturnCode);

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