SQLSnapshot Object

Replication Programming

Replication Programming

SQLSnapshot Object

The SQL Snapshot control is implemented as a Microsoft® ActiveX® in-process component. It provides an alternate way, in addition to the Snapshot Agent, to create snapshots. The primary class of the SQLSnapshot, the SQLSnapshot object, creates a snapshot of the specified publication on the specified Distributor.

Dynamic snapshots are supported. There are properties to provide values for the HOST_NAME( ) and sp_repl_suser_sname( ) functions when they appear in the filter criteria of dynamic publications, and to specify the location where the dynamic snapshots are written.


Distributor Property

DistributorLogin Property

DistributorPassword Property

DistributorSecurityMode Property

DynamicFilterHostName Property

DynamicFilterLogin Property

DynamicSnapshotLocation Property

ErrorRecords Property

LoginTimeout Property

ProfileName Property

Publication Property

Publisher Property

PublisherDatabase Property

PublisherLogin Property

PublisherPassword Property

PublisherSecurityMode Property

QueryTimeout Property

ReplicationType Property


Initialize Method

Run Method

Terminate Method


Status Event


To refer to the elements of this object from a Microsoft Visual Basic® application, in the Project/References dialog box, select Microsoft SQL Snapshot Control 8.0. In a C++ application, include Replinix.c and Sqlinitx.h, and reference Sqlinitx.dll from the project/NMAKE file.

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