To view stereoscopic 3D ratings for your game

Stereoscopic 3D

To view stereoscopic 3D ratings for your game

  1. From the NVIDIA Control Panel navigation tree pane, under Stereoscopic 3D, select View rating for games to open the associated page.

  2. To view only those games currently installed on your computer, select the Show only installed games selection box.

  3. Under Stereoscopic 3D rating, scroll the list to locate your game.

    • The 3D Vision Mode column shows the stereoscopic 3D rating for each game.

    • The 3D Compatibility Mode column shows the 3D compatibility rating for supported games.

  4. Select the game from the list.

  5. The Issues and Recommended Settings section describes how well a particular game works with stereoscopic 3D under standard 3D Vision mode as well as under 3D compatibility mode where applicable. It may also contain suggested game settings for better stereoscopic 3D, and list any issues in the game that may interfere with great stereoscopic 3D viewing.

When you launch a game, this information is available also as an overlay in the bottom corner of the screen.  Use the keyboard shortcut (Default [Ctrl+Alt+Ins]) to turn this informational overlay on or off.


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