Manage 3D Vision Pro

Stereoscopic 3D

Manage 3D Vision Pro

Use this page to configure NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ Pro settings.

You can set up new glasses, change the hub transceiver range, view which glasses are synchronised with the hub, and select a different channel to improve the hub-to-glasses signal strength.

Glasses Section

Glasses connected: Shows how many glasses are connected and synchronised with the hub.

Add Glasses: Click to open the Add glasses dialogue that lets you synchronise a pair of stereo glasses with the hub.

Refresh: Updates the list of glasses that are synchronised with the hub.

Actions: Click the arrow and then select an action to take. The action applies to the pair of glasses that are selected in the connected glasses list.

  • Identify - Causes the LED on the selected pair of glasses to blink.  

  • Rename - Opens the Rename glasses dialogue that lets you assign a different name to the selected pair of glasses.

  • Remove - Removes the selected pair of glasses from the list and disconnects the glasses from the hub.

Choose hub range: Click the arrow and then select the hub range that you want.

    • Short range - up to 2 metres (6.5 feet)

    • Medium range - up to 10 metres (32 feet)

    • Long range - the entire range of the hub.  


Stereo Settings Section

Note: The controls and information in this section apply only to Quadro cards, and not to GeForce GPUs.

Stereo: Indicates whether stereoscopic 3D is enabled for the Quadro card. To change the status, click the link which opens the 3D Settings->Manage 3D Settings page. Then from the Global Settings tab change the Stereo-Enable setting to either On or Off, depending on whether you want to enable quad-buffered stereo (On) or disable quad-buffered stereo (Off).

Display Mode: Indicates the type of stereo hardware you are using. This is the same setting indicated in the 3D Settings->Manage 3D Settings page->Global Settings->Stereo-Display mode setting.

Launch Test Application: Click to launch an OpenGL stereoscopic 3D demo so you can verify the stereo 3D functionality of your system. The application launches in a window.


Channel Information Section

Signal strength: Shows the signal strength of the current hub channel.

AutoPick Next Channel: Click to select a different hub channel in case your current channel is has low signal strength.



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