To enable 3D Vision Pro with GeForce GPUs

Stereoscopic 3D

When you first install the 3D Vision Pro software, the installation provides a set up wizard to help you properly configure your 3D Vision Pro hardware.  You can also run the wizard at a later time as described here.

To enable 3D Vision Pro with GeForce GPUs

  1. From the NVIDIA Control Panel navigation tree pane, under Stereoscopic 3D, select Set up stereoscopic 3D to open the associated page.

  2. Click Run Setup Wizard to launch the step-by-step wizard that helps you set up and test all the required hardware to view stereoscopic 3D effects.

  3. This step is not necessary if you have already configured and tested your configuration after installing the 3D Vision Pro software.

  4. Once your hardware is successfully set up, you can enable stereoscopic 3D from this page as follows:

    1. Check the Enable stereoscopic 3D check box.

    2. If you have more than one type of stereoscopic 3D viewer, then click the Stereoscopic 3D display type list arrow and select 3D Vision Pro.

    3. If you do not want stereoscopic 3D to go into effect until after the game starts, check the Hide stereoscopic 3D effects check box.

    4. You can turn on stereoscopic 3D effects using the hot keys or the button control on the NVIDIA IR emitter.

      The default hot key for turning on stereoscopic 3D effects within a game is [Ctrl+T].

    5. Click Apply.


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