Set up Stereoscopic 3D

Stereoscopic 3D

Set up Stereoscopic 3D

Use this page to enable and change stereoscopic 3D settings.

Enable stereoscopic 3D: Select to enable stereoscopic 3D for your games as well as to enable the controls on this page.

altNote: Stereoscopic 3D cannot be enabled if variable refresh rate is enabled.

Depth: The depth slider controls the distance between the closest and furthest objects in the scene. Adjust the depth according to your stereoscopic 3D viewing comfort level. You can also adjust the depth by using the keyboard shortcuts while playing a game.

Stereoscopic 3D display type: The stereoscopic 3D mode supported by the primary display is auto-detected during the setup Wizard install. The Wizard determines if your display is capable of stereoscopic 3D viewing. Use the drop-down list to select the mode supported by your display if more than one type is available.

altNote for 3DTV Play: If an HDMI 3D TV or monitor is connected and your system is licensed for 3DTV Play, then the dropdown list contains the following two options:

  • 3DTV Play: This is the default setting for HDMI 3D TVs, and should not need to be changed in most cases.  

  • HDMI Checkerboard: (Advanced users) If your TV is capable of supporting the checkerboard format for stereoscopic 3D, then select this option if you want to take advantage of the capabilities of this format, such as support for 3D resolutions up to 1080p at 60 Hz refresh rate.  If you select this option, you must also manually configure your TV to accept the checkerboard format before playing stereoscopic 3D content.  

Change 3D Laser Sight: Cross-hair sights in first-person shooter (FPS) games are usually positioned at screen depth when viewed in stereoscopic 3D, making it difficult to aim. For some FPS games, NVIDIA has created a configuration that puts the in-game laser sight at the correct depth and no user configuration is required. For all other FPS games, NVIDIA provides a selection of 3D laser sights that appear correctly on the targeted object. You can select one of these laser sights and also adjust the transparency. The laser sight appears when stereoscopic 3D is turned on during a game. To avoid confusion, disable the sight provided by the game.

Set Keyboard Shortcuts: The keyboard shortcuts are in-game hot keys that can be used to change stereoscopic 3D settings. You can change any of the shortcuts or restore them to the factory default settings.

Hide stereoscopic 3D effects when game starts: Normally, stereoscopic 3D turns on as soon as the game starts. Tick this box if you want to turn on stereoscopic 3D using the keyboard shortcuts some time after the game launches. For example, you might want to view game menus and setup screens with stereoscopic 3D turned off. This option is available only with Quadro professional stereo.

Select when the display is in 3D mode: Your display must be set to a higher refresh rate when running 3D programs in active stereoscopic 3D. This typically happens automatically when starting a 3D program and then the display switches back to your normal refresh rate when closing the 3D program. There is some screen flicker that occurs during the display mode reset. This setting lets you control when the display refresh rate gets reset.

altNote: This control is not available with HDMI 3D displays, 3D displays that use passive 3D technology, or with Windows 8 and later Microsoft Windows operating systems.  

    • Always: The higher stereo 3D refresh rate is always set, even when 3D programs are not being run. This avoids the display mode reset every time a 3D program is opened or closed.

    • Only while 3D programs run: The display mode is reset to the stereo 3D refresh rate whenever you start or end a 3D program - either in full-screen or windowed mode.

    • Only while full-screen 3D programs run: The display mode is reset to the stereo 3D refresh rate whenever you start a 3D program in full-screen mode. With this setting you will not be able to play windowed 3D games in stereoscopic 3D.  

Test Stereoscopic 3D: This runs a test application that you can use to verify how stereoscopic 3D looks on your system, and to determine the display settings that produce the best stereoscopic 3D effect. This button appears when stereoscopic 3D is enabled. Click the arrow to access the following options:

Run Setup Wizard: Run the Wizard to set up and configure your stereoscopic 3D hardware and software. This option does not appear if OpenGL stereo is enabled or if the 3D display type uses passive 3D technology.

Run Medical Image Test: The Medical Image test helps you to verify your ability to view stereoscopic 3D images.  The test is run during the install Wizard. However, it is strongly recommended that each new user run the Medical Image Test before playing games in stereoscopic 3D.  This option does not appear if the 3D display type uses passive 3D technology.



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