6 46 LceOpenSession

LANSA Open Guide

6.46 LceOpenSession

Opens a communications session with the host.








The session identifier returned by LceGetSessionId.


Return Values

TRUE is returned if the session can be opened.

FALSE is returned if an error occurs.


LceOpenSession is used in conjunction with a number of LANSA Open "session definition" functions that set the session's options.

The time taken to open a session will depend upon many factors including the client and host system's hardware and software.

  • The more fields and files used, the longer the time it will take to open the session. A theoretical maximum of 256 files and 2800 fields may be used in a session.
  • This function must be executed after an LceGetSessionId function.


For consecutive file processing, set the fResume parameter to TRUE when calling LceEndSession. This keeps the communications session with the host system active. You can then use the same session identifier (for processing the other files) in LceOpenSession.

You can also have more than one session open (via LceOpenSession) if you need to access more than one file concurrently when using the *RECEIVEIMMED option for selecting records.

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