dotmailer SDK: dotMailer.Sdk.Cache.IDmCacheProvider Interface Reference

dotmailer SDK

dotmailer SDK
Tools to access and manage an account in the dotMailer system
dotMailer.Sdk.Cache.IDmCacheProvider Interface Reference

Public Member Functions

void SaveToCache (string key, string version, object data)
bool ReadFromCache< T > (string key, out T data)
bool RemoveFromCache (string key)

Member Function Documentation

bool dotMailer.Sdk.Cache.IDmCacheProvider.ReadFromCache< T > ( string  key,
out T  data 
Type Constraints
T :dotMailer.Sdk.Cache.IDmCacheableObject 
T :new() 
bool dotMailer.Sdk.Cache.IDmCacheProvider.RemoveFromCache ( string  key)
void dotMailer.Sdk.Cache.IDmCacheProvider.SaveToCache ( string  key,
string  version,
object  data 
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