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dotmailer SDK

dotmailer SDK
Tools to access and manage an account in the dotMailer system
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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  |\CDmAddressBookRepresents an address book in dotMailer
  |\CTimeoutOptionsThe timeout options for calling web service endpoints
  |oCDmCampaignContentclass to hold the text content of a campaign as we get both of these in one call
  |oCDmCampaignRepresents a dotMailer campaign
  |oCDmCampaignContactActivityRepresents an APICampaignContactSummary returned by the ListCampaignContactActivity web method
  |oCDmCampaignContactForwardContact forward information for a campaign
  |oCDmCampaignContactLinkClickRepresents APICampaignContactClick3, which contains all of the data from APICampaignContactClick and APICampaignContactClick2, returned by the ListCampaignContactClicks2 web method
  |oCDmCampaignContactOpenRepresents an APICampaignContactOpen returned by the ListCampaignContactOpens web method
  |oCDmCampaignContactPageViewRepresents an APICampaignContactPageView returned by the ListCampaignContactPageViews web method
  |oCDmCampaignContactReplyRepresents an APICampaignContactReply returned by the ListCampaignContactReplies web method
  |oCDmCampaignContactRoiDetailRepresents an APICampaignContactROIDetail returned by the ListCampaignContactRoiDetail web method
  |oCDmCampaignContactSocialBookmarkRepresents an APICampaignContactSocialBookmark returned by the ListCampaignContactSocialBookmarkViews web method
  |oCDmCampaignContactStatsClass that encapsulates the contact activity/reports for a campaign
  |oCDmCampaignOpenerCampaign Opener Information
  |oCDmCampaignRoiDetailCampaign ROI Detail
  |\CDmCampaignSummarySummary for a campaign
  |\CDmPropertyTypeIndicates what type of property this is
  ||\CImportContactSessionCollectionImport Contact Sessions
  |oCDmAddressBookCollectionA collection of DmAddressBooks
  |oCDmCampaignCollectionA collection of DmCampaign objects
  |oCDmCampaignContactActivityCollectionA Campaign Contact Activity Collection
  |oCDmCampaignContactLinkClickCollectionA Collection of DmCampaignContactLinkClick
  |oCDmCampaignContactOpenCollectionA collection of DmCampaignContactOpen objects
  |oCDmCampaignContactPageViewCollectionA collection of DmCampaignContactPageView objects
  |oCDmCampaignContactReplyCollectionA collection of DmCampaignContactReply objects
  |oCDmCampaignContactRoiDetailCollectionA collection of DmCampaignContactRoiDetail objects
  |oCDmCampaignContactSocialBookmarkCollectionA collection of DmCampaignContactSocialBookmark objects
  |oCDmCampaignContactStatsCollectionA collection of DmCampaignContactStats objects
  |oCDmCampaignOpenerCollectionA collection of DmCampaignOpener objects
  |oCDmCampaignRoiDetailCollectionCollection of DmCampaignRoiDetail
  |oCDmContactCollectionA collection of DmContacts
  |oCDmCustomFromAddressCollectionA collection of DmCustomFromAddress objects
  |oCDmDataFieldDefinitionCollectionA collection of data field definitions
  |oCDmDataFieldValueCollectionA collection of data field values used by a contact
  |oCDmSuppressedContactCollectionCollection of suppressed contacts
  |\CDmTemplateCollectionA collection of templates.
  ||oCDmDataFieldDefinitionClass that defines a data field that is used by the DmContacts
  ||\CDmDataFieldValueClass that represents a data field attached to a contact
  ||oCImportContactOptionsClass the defines the options that can are used when adding contacts to an address book
  ||oCImportContactResultRepresents the result of an import contact operation. Can be used to track the progress of an import, and provides stats for the results of the import.
  ||oCImportContactSessionClass that represents a dotMailer contact import session
  ||oCImportReportReport of the contact import process
  ||\CImportWatcherHelper class that watches an import result to be completed
  |oCDmContactClass that represents a contact.
  |\CDmDocumentClass that represents a document in dotMailer's Document Manager.
  |oCAttachmentsNotEnabledInAccountExceptionCampaign attachments have not been enabled in the account.
  |oCServiceConnectionErrorExceptionThere was a problem connecting to the server.
  |\CDmServiceNotValidExceptionWeb service credentials are invalid exception
  |oCIDmAddressBookDM AddressBook Interface
  |oCIDmCampaignInterface the defines the campaign information
  |oCIDmContactDM Contact Interface
  |oCIDmDocumentAn interface representing a document in dotMailer's Document Manager.
  |oCIDmObjectInterface to deal with checking to see if collection/object has been changed
  |\CIDmTemplateAn interface describing a dotMailer template.
  ||oCDmCampaignPageViewA Campaign Page View
  ||\CDmCampaignSocialBookmarkA Social Book
  ||oCDmAccountPropertyCollectionCollection of DmAccountProperty objects
  ||oCDmCampaignPageViewCollectionA collection of DmCampaignPageView objects
  ||oCDmCampaignSocialBookmarkCollectionA Collection of DmCampaignSocialBookmarks
  ||oCDmDocumentCollectionCollection of objects that implement the IDmDocument interface.
  ||oCDmDocumentFolderCollectionCollection of DmDocumentFolder objects.
  ||oCDmImageFolderCollectionCollection of DmImageFolder objects.
  ||\CIDmContactCollectionCollection of IDmContact objects
  ||| \NCollection
  ||\CDmSuppressedContactRepresents a contact that has been suppressed
  ||\CDmDocumentFolderRepresents a single folder in dotMailer's Document Manager.
  ||oCDmImageRepresents an image previously uploaded to a dotMailer account.
  ||\CDmImageFolderRepresents a single folder in the tree of folders used to store images in your dotMailer account.
  ||\CDmTemplateA Template is a wrapper for campaign content
  |oCDmAccountInfoAccount Information class
  |\CDmAccountPropertyAn Account property entry
  |oCSendResultClass that represents the state of a send email operation
  |oCSendResultCollectionA Collection of SendResult objects
  |\CSplitTestSendOptionsOptions used in send split-test campaigns
  oCDmServicedotMailer Management Service
  oCDmServiceFactoryService Factory
  oCAddressBookFactoryAddress Book Factory. Provides methods to manage address books of contacts
  oCCampaignFactoryCampaign Factory - Provides functions to manage campaigns, including sending them to address books and contacts, and accessing email stats.
  oCContactFactoryContact Factory - Provides functions to manage contacts
  oCDocumentFactoryProvides access to the document factory
  oCImageFactoryProvides methods for handling Images.
  oCSerialisationFactoryClass that deals with the serialisation of the objects and collections
  oCTemplateFactoryProvides methods for handling templates.
  oCDmExceptionAPI Web service exception class
  \CDmCustomFromAddressA customer from address
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