Import Oracle Records Into Map dialog box


Import Oracle Records Into Map dialog box

Warning This command will not be supported in future releases. This is the old command for importing records from an Oracle database.

Use the Import Oracle Records Into Map dialog box to import objects from Oracle using a query based on Location or Display Properties, or by defining an SQL condition.

Oracle Service and Schema


Connect to the Oracle service.

Condition Definitions

Condition Definitions List

Shows the condition that you have built using the selection options below.


Opens the appropriate edit condition dialog box for the selected condition.


Deletes the selected condition.

Clear All

Clears the Condition Definitions area.

Define Condition


Specifies that both conditions must be met for the object to be imported.


Specifies that either condition can be met for the object to be imported.


Select a set of records to import based on the location of objects. In the Location Condition dialog box, select the Boundary Type and the Selection Type. Click Define and then draw the boundary in the drawing.

Display Properties

Select records based on properties such as layer or block name. In the Display Property Condition dialog box, select the Property Type, the Operator, and the Value. Click… to see a list of available values, for example, the list of layers.


Write or paste a SQL query. In the SQL Condition dialog box, enter the condition statement. Click OK.

Zoom Metadata Extents

Zoom to the extents of all the drawings stored in the schema.

View SQL Statement

Translate the defined conditions to an SQL statement. The statement appears in a separate list box.

Import Settings


Save this import condition in the drawing for future use. In the Save Import Settings dialog box, enter a name and a description for the saved query.


View a list of any import settings already saved in the drawing.