Oracle Spatial Indexing dialog box


Oracle Spatial Indexing dialog box

Warning This command will not be supported in future releases. This is the old command for creating a spatial index in an Oracle database.

Use the Oracle Spatial Indexing dialog box to to define a spatial index for your drawing data. You must define an index before you can import records from Oracle into Map.

You must be the owner of the schema before you can create an index for it or modiify its metadata. If you are not the owner of the schema that you are connected to, none of the controls in the Spatial Indexing dialog box are available.

Metadeta Extents

Compute Extents

Finds the extents of all the drawings contained in the schema. The coordinates of the extents appear in the Min and Max XYZ text-entry fields. If you prefer, you can enter the extents yourself by typing coordinate values in these fields.

Update Metadata

Updates the database with the extents of the drawing data. (Metadata means "information about the data." )

Indexing Parameters


Calculates the optimal value for the tiling and displays the result as a number in the Tilling Level text-entry field. If you prefer to use your own value, or if you want to experiment, you can enter a number in the Tiling Level field.