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A project in WM equals any one folder (directory) of your file system.
WM won't deal with subfolders; you can have them but Jumps Window won't show them.

To start a new a project:

  • press CTRL+P to add a folder (=project)
  • or simply open a file image its parent folder will be added to the projects/folders list


CTRL+LEFT/RIGHT step through the recent projects/folders list
ALT+DOWN open the recent folders pop-up list
CTRL-click an item remove it from the list
CTRL+F open containing folder of the current file
CTRL+P add project folder to folder list


By default Jumps will show .txt, .md, and .markdown files.
To see more file types, enter their extension:


To open a file not on the recent-list: ALT+UP, then press O:


To open files from the main window, see Open+Save

For more file operations image right-click inside the file-list:


File Order

To re-order files in the Jumps Window Window:

  • drag&drop a file onto another
  • the file you dragged will be positioned above


Or use keystrokes:

  • CTRL+X to cut the selected file
  • CTRL+V to paste it (above the currently selected)

To move a file from the bottom repository to the upper project section:

  • enter/open the file
  • remove it's draft or repo - tag

Your custom file order is stored in _PROJECT.DAT , located in each of your project folders.
Since every folder has it's own _PROJECT.DAT , you can transfer individual projects to other computers without losing your file order (scene structure etc)

Merge Files

The content of merged files will be copied into a new file

  • all existing files stay in place
  • the merged file is named in the format _MERGED YYYY-MM-DD hh-mm


Choose what to include:

  • Comments - merge files with them or without
  • Filter the file list image only visible files will be merged

Always included are:

Not included are:

  • files tagged as //draft or //repo
  • already existing merged files at the bottom of the list
  • the repository of each file


WriteMonkey version | This helpfile last updated on Aug 29, 2012 --- Stefan Müller