PictureType Property

Microsoft Graph Visual Basic

PictureType Property


Returns or sets the way pictures are displayed on a column or bar picture chart or on the walls and faces of a 3-D chart. For the Point and Series objects, read/write XlChartPictureType. For the LegendKey object, read/write Long. For the Floor and Walls objects, read/write Variant.

XlChartPictureType can be one of these XlChartPictureType constants.
xlStack. Stacks the pictures to reach the necessary value.
xlStretch. Stretches the picture to reach the necessary value.
xlStackScale. Stacks the pictures; use the PictureUnit property to determine what unit each picture represents.


expression   Required. An expression that returns one of the above objects.


This example sets series one to stretch pictures. The example should be run on a 2-D column chart with picture data markers.

myChart.SeriesCollection(1).PictureType = xlStretch