Points Collection Object

Microsoft Graph Visual Basic

Points Collection Object

Chart ChartGroups (ChartGroup)
SeriesCollection (Series)
Points (Point)

A collection of all the Point objects in the specified series in a chart.

Using the Points Collection

Use the Points method to return the Points collection. The following example adds a data label to the last point in series one in the chart.

Dim pts As Points
Set pts = myChart.SeriesCollection(1).Points
pts(pts.Count).ApplyDataLabels Type:=xlShowValue

Use Points(index), where index is the point's index number, to return a single Point object. Points are numbered from left to right in the series. Points(1) is the leftmost point, and Points(Points.Count) is the rightmost point. The following example sets the marker style for the third point in series one in the chart. The specified series must be a 2-D line, scatter, or radar series.

myChart.SeriesCollection(1).Points(3).MarkerStyle = xlDiamond