ErrorBars Object

Microsoft Graph Visual Basic

ErrorBars Object

Chart ChartGroups (ChartGroup)
SeriesCollection (Series)

Represents the error bars for the specified chart series. Error bars indicate the degree of uncertainty for chart data. Only series in area, bar, column, line, and scatter groups in a 2-D chart can have error bars. Only series in scatter groups can have x and y error bars.

This object isn't a collection. There's no object that represents a single error bar; either you have x error bars or y error bars turned on for all points in a series or you have them turned off.

Using the ErrorBars Object

Use the ErrorBars property to return the ErrorBars object. The following example turns on error bars for series one in myChart and then sets the end style for the error bars.

myChart.SeriesCollection(1).HasErrorBars = True
myChart.SeriesCollection(1).ErrorBars.EndStyle = xlNoCap


The ErrorBar method changes the format and type of error bars.