ChartType Property

Microsoft Graph Visual Basic

ChartType Property


Returns or sets the chart type. Read/write XlChartType.

XlChartType can be one of these XlChartType constants.
xl3DArea. 3-D Area
xl3DAreaStacked. 3-D Stacked Area
xl3DAreaStacked100. 3-D Stacked Area
xl3DBarClustered. 3-D Clustered Bar
xl3DBarStacked. 3-D Stacked Bar
xl3DBarStacked100. 3-D 100% Stacked Bar
xl3DColumn. 3-D Column
xl3DColumnClustered. 3-D Clustered Column
xl3DColumnStacked. 3-D Stacked Column
xl3DColumnStacked100. 3-D 100% Stacked Column
xl3DLine. 3-D Line
xl3DPie. 3-D Pie
xl3DPieExploded. Exploded 3-D Pie
xlArea. Area
xlAreaStacked. Stacked Area
xlAreaStacked100. 100% Stacked Area
xlBarClustered. Clustered Bar
xlBarOfPie. Bar of Pie
xlBarStacked. Stacked Bar
xlBarStacked100. 100% Stacked Bar
xlBubble. Bubble
xlBubble3DEffect. Bubble with 3-D Effects
xlColumnClustered. Clustered Column
xlColumnStacked. Stacked Column
xlColumnStacked100. 100% Stacked Column
xlConeBarClustered. Clustered Cone Bar
xlConeBarStacked. Stacked Cone Bar
xlConeBarStacked100. 100% Stacked Cone Bar
xlConeCol. 3-D Cone Column
xlConeColClustered. Clustered Cone Column
xlConeColStacked. Stacked Cone Column
xlConeColStacked100. 100% Stacked Cone Column
xlCylinderBarStacked. Stacked Cylinder Bar
xlCylinderCol. 3-D Cylinder Column
xlCylinderColStacked. Stacked Cylinder Column
xlCylinderBarClustered. Clustered Cylinder Bar
xlCylinderBarStacked100. 100% Stacked Cylinder Bar
xlCylinderColClustered. Clustered Cylinder Column
xlCylinderColStacked100. 100% Stacked Cylinder Column
xlDoughnut. Doughnut
xlDoughnutExploded. Exploded Doughnut
xlLineMarkers. Line with Data Markers
xlLineMarkersStacked100. 100% Stacked Line with Markers
xlLineStacked100. 100% Stacked Line
xlLine. Line
xlLineMarkersStacked. Stacked Line with Data Markers
xlLineStacked. Stacked Line
xlPie. Pie
xlPieExploded. Exploded Pie
xlPieOfPie. Pie of Pie
xlPyramidBarClustered. Clustered Pyramid Bar
xlPyramidBarStacked. Stacked Pyramid Bar
xlPyramidBarStacked100. 100% Stacked Pyramid Bar
xlPyramidCol. 3-D Pyramid Column
xlPyramidColStacked. Stacked Pyramid Column
xlPyramidColClustered. Clustered Pyramid Column
xlPyramidColStacked100. 100% Stacked Pyramid Column
xlRadar. Radar
xlRadarFilled. Filled Radar
xlRadarMarkers. Radar with Data Markers
xlStockHLC. High-Low-Close
xlStockOHLC. Open-High-Low-Close
xlStockVHLC. Volume-High-Low-Close
xlStockVOHLC. Volume-Open-High-Low-Close
xlSurface. 3-D Surface
xlSurfaceTopView. Surface (Top View)
xlSurfaceTopViewWireframe. Surface (Top View wire-frame)
xlSurfaceWireframe. 3-D Surface(wire-frame)
xlXYScatter. Scatter
xlXYScatterLines. Scatter with Lines
xlXYScatterLinesNoMarkers. Scatter with Lines and No Data Markers
xlXYScatterSmooth. Scatter with SmoothedLines
xlXYScatterSmoothNoMarkers. Scatter with Smoothed Lines and No Data Markers


expression   Required. An expression that returns one of the objects in the Applies To list.


This example sets the bubble size in chart group one to 200 percent of the default size if the chart is a 2-D bubble chart.

With myChart
    If .ChartType = xlBubble Then
        .ChartGroups(1).BubbleScale = 200
    End If
End With