FileImport Method

Microsoft Graph Visual Basic

FileImport Method


Imports a specified file or range, or an entire sheet of data.

expression.FileImport(FileName, Password, ImportRange, WorksheetName, OverwriteCells)

expression   Required. An expression that returns an Application object.

FileName   Required String. The file that contains the data to be imported.

Password Optional Variant. The password for the file to be imported, if the file is password protected.

ImportRange Optional Variant. The range of cells to be imported, if the file to be imported is a Microsoft Excel worksheet or workbook. If this argument is omitted, the complete contents of the worksheet are imported.

WorksheetName Optional Variant. The name of the worksheet to be imported, if the file to be imported is a Microsoft Excel workbook.

OverwriteCells Optional Variant. True to specify that the user be notified before imported data overwrites existing data on the specified datasheet. The default value is True.


This example imports data from the range A2:D5 on the worksheet named "MySheet" in the Microsoft Excel workbook named "mynums.xls."

With myChart.Application
    .FileImport FileName:="C:\mynums.xls", _
        ImportRange:="A2:D5", WorksheetName:="MySheet", _
End With