Evaluate Method

Microsoft Graph Visual Basic

Evaluate Method


Converts a Microsoft Graph name to an object or a value.


expression   Required. An expression that returns a Microsoft Graph Application object.

Name   Required String. The name of the specified object, using the Microsoft Graph naming convention.


You can use the following types of names in Microsoft Graph with this method:

  • A1-style references. You can use any reference to a single cell in A1-style notation. All references are considered to be absolute references.
  • Ranges. You can use the range, intersect, and union operators (colon, space, and comma, respectively) with references.
  • Defined names. You can specify any name in the language of the macro.

Note   Using square brackets (for example, "[A1:C5]") is identical to calling the Evaluate method with a string argument. For example, the following expressions are equivalent:

myChart.Application.[a1].Value = 25
myChart.Application.Evaluate("A1").Value = 25

The advantage of using square brackets is that the code is shorter. The advantage of using Evaluate is that the argument is a string, so you can either construct the string in your code or use a Visual Basic variable.


This example clears cell A1 on the datasheet.

clearCell = "A1"